Around the House

As I was scrolling through the camera roll on my phone, I found these pictures of flowers I’ve had around the house over the past few months. They aren’t my best shots, but they were the only ones I hadn’t posted, so I decided to just create a gallery with them. Advertisements



Babies are such a nice way to start people. ~Don Herold   I spent this morning with my granddaughter.  She is 17 months old and so much fun.  Hope your Wisdom Wednesday was as happy as mine.      

White Rose

  This is another one of my table gracing flowers. Flowers are my indulgence, whether they are daisies, roses, or orchids.  Whether it is a single stem or a bounteous bouquet, I love them all.  And now that I have become a phoneography fanatic, I can keep all of my flowers for as long as … More White Rose

Happy Blogging!

Today I received this 1000 Likes badge.  It reminded me that not so long ago, I kept my blog private (my husband says that’s a diary).  I am really enjoying being “out there,” even though it can be a little scary.  I don’t pay much attention to my blogging stats, but I can’t help but … More Happy Blogging!

Beads (Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge)

These small beads are on a pair of earrings.  The texture of the table cloth was an added surprise.  Focus was a problem, but I decided to use these because the reflection from the plastic almost makes the beads look painted rather than photographed.  I also liked the streaks of light in the top photo. … More Beads (Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge)