Consistency (Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge)

                  Cricket, symbol of good luck, taken with my iPhone 5S.

It’s been awhile since I’ve entered Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. The subject of the first week of each month is Nature. This reminded me of this picture I took recently. Even though I don’t believe in luck, I snapped the photo of this little guy to remind me to focus on good fortune… good fortune I will create.

I believe “good luck” comes to those who consistently do the next right thing over time. So now I think of the cricket as a symbol of consistency, as opposed to luck.

3 thoughts on “Consistency (Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge)

  1. Mary, as I recall, the French think of crickets as good luck symbols. But I do like your interpretation. We certainly have a lot of these creatures here in the autumn. Lovely to have you participate, and happy 2017. Happy Photo Challenge.

  2. I like your interpretation better than “luck.” I’ve been using a sound track for sleeping “noise” at night, a combination of water and cricket sounds. So they’re good for that, too, (although they can be much too loud!) 🙂


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