#TBT: Growth and Healing

Resuming my writing habit has been an exercise in consistency. I write Morning Pages (750 words of brain drain) to clear my head. Then I draft marketing copy, newsletter content, and blog posts. In exploring possible topics and digging through my own past posts, I am reminded that this habit is also therapeutic.

To let you in my head for a moment (please disregard the clamoring committee), hoping to come up with a topic, I listed single word questions: Snow? Weather? Speaking? Manifestation? Tattoos? (I went with my son’s girlfriend to get a tattoo today. She did. Not me.)

Then I wished I had begun the publishing calendar that I had planned to start a week ago. This brought to mind the process I would use, part of which was superimposing various calendars so I could see the relevant events that would guide my writing throughout the year.

Then I mentally scaled down,  and remembered my own mobile photography on Monday and Wisdom Wednesday. I continued down this train of thought to the Social Media Days of the Week and Throwback Thursday in particular. Then my mind jumped to “roundup.”

Well, this is not a true roundup, but more of a ThrowBackThursday of my own past blog posts. I chose these three posts because they remind me how much I’ve grown and healed over the past three years. As I read them, I realized how grateful I am to be where I am today.

I will spare you lengthy introductions and simply guide you down my recent path…

Three years ago: The Dark Side

Two years ago: PTSD and Depression

One year ago: Keep Getting Up

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