profileI am Mary Dunn, mother, grandmother, and seeker. I am also an educator, speaker, writer, and life coach.

Have you wandered off your path?  Maybe you don’t even know where your path is.   Or you just can’t seem to move forward.

With the help of others, I have overcome many obstacles on my journey. Through my struggles, I learned the importance of support and how to create a life I love. My life’s work is to help others figure out what they want and to support them in creating it.

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  1. Hi Mary, I smiled when I read that you’re a Dragon Slayer, because my initial thought was with all her skills and intrinsic wisdom, why doesn’t Mary become a Dragon Tamer. Dragons have such powerful energy when all said and done and not all Dragons gravitate towards the darker side of life. I love Dragons for all their mystery and majesty and I think you’d make an excellent Dragon Tamer.

    In fact it could become a brand new career for you, especially given the abundance that Dragons bring forth, so go on, put down your sword and take up your teaching.

    That said; and enough of the joviality, I must say that you have a lovely, vibrant and inspiring blog Mary indeed a pleasure to explore, so very big thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights, sincere regards, Barry

  2. Thanks for the follow, Mary. I do not know why I’m always surprised when someone “finds” me just when I need to learn something they bring to me. I just read your post on getting knocked down/keep getting up. Thanks.

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