Who I Am and Why I’m Here

When I first began blogging, I kept mine private because the thought of baring my soul on the page for others to see was more than I could stand. My husband (at the time) lovingly ribbed me, informing me that this was a diary. Well, I then decided to take the plunge and go public. After all, part of my purpose in writing was to eventually publish in the self-help field. (I have completed a draft which I am currently editing.)

My passion is helping others navigate life. I have an interest in personal growth, in general, especially in the areas of addiction and recovery, parenting and other significant relationships, overcoming anxiety and phobias, health and wellness (including spiritual well-being), goal setting, and organization. On my own journey, I have learned from books, seminars, and organizations. I have found that support from others is the most effective tool out there in creating real long-term change.

Several years ago I claimed (or discovered, depending on your point of view) my life’s purpose to “Help Others Along the Path.” Since I can remember, I have loved talking with people about their problems, dreams, and goals. People always seemed to come to me for advice or just to have a sounding board. As a teacher, I had everyone from the custodian to the principal coming to my room to talk. I loved helping people sort things out for themselves, but I also found that some people just wanted to complain yet not take action to solve their problems. This was very frustrating for me. So I began focusing on folks that were willing to do something to improve their situations. As I grow my life coaching clientele, I am blogging about the very issues in my own life that have prompted me to work on myself. These range from parenting, substance abuse, anxiety (including performance anxiety), traumatic injury and PTSD, organization, career changes, and divorce.

Through this blog, I hope to connect with other writers who have an interest in these areas, and people who are dealing with similar issues and are looking for “Help Along the Path.”

Since my original posting of this page (3 years ago), my audience has grown and I am now fully self-employed. I have become the newsletter editor for the International Coach Federation, Tennessee Chapter. I am creating the life of my dreams and becoming my ideal self. I’d like to help you do the same. Please contact me if you would like some help along your path.

10 thoughts on “Who I Am and Why I’m Here

  1. I’m also interested in personal development. May I suggest that you post a disclaimer notice that states you aren’t a health care practitioner and readers need to consult their own.

      1. Glad to know that. I was thinking of something along the lines of this below.

        I (maryslow) am not a medical doctor. The opinions expressed in my blogs, books, videos, and websites reflect my personal experiences and ongoing investigations that range from parenting children with substance abuse issues, dealing with anxiety (including performance anxiety), overcoming a traumatic injury, dealing with my own disorganization, and making career changes. I do not endorse, recommend, or design any specific treatment plans for therapeutic purposes. None of the information I provide should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. Reliance on any information provided by myself, the author, website, website‘s employees, and website guests and visitors, is solely at your own risk.

  2. maryslow, I like the way you started this post with your personal experience about your decision to keep the blog private at first, and then to recently open it up to readership. Really engages the reader! – and congratulations on your courage!

  3. Hi Mary, Interesting to see that you have started blogging – I think there is a lot of power in committing words to paper and sharing those words with others – I wish you the best!

  4. aloha MarySlow. i like the line movement that zigzags through your photo. from the pavement line through the arc of the hill up into the clouds and back down. an easy path to move back and forth on. fun. aloha.

  5. Hi! I have been reading the archives of the Blogging 101, and I found your blog through the tag. How are you doing? My blog isn’t quite ready to show, but I am starting it out and it’s self-help-y, also, so I thought I would try to make blog friends with others in the field! I’ll be following your blog!

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