On Writing

Writing is therapeutic. I poured my hormonal teenage heart out on the pages of my Creative Writing notebook in high school. I voiced my complaints in my Comp I journal in college. And in my forties, I expressed my fears and resentments, as well as my gratitude, by blogging. Although my blog has been essentially … More On Writing


Writer’s Plight

As the day comes to a close, I try to come up with some poetry or prose. Trying to think of something witty, but the words just aren’t there… it’s such a pity. So I guess I’ll retire for the night… get some much needed rest for this writer’s plight. And tomorrow I will try … More Writer’s Plight


I look in the mirror and see a few grey hairs, lines that weren’t there before, and the toll that gravity has taken. In my body, the aches and pains whisper. Sometimes they scream. Scars. Some on the inside… some without. And I’m here. I have breath and life and love. I am grateful.