Mirror, Mirror

I often see a reflection of myself in the people I encounter.  Although we are different in many ways, the members of the human race are also very similar.  As I watch how others behave, I have realizations about myself.  It is very difficult to see them on my own.  But when I am watching … More Mirror, Mirror

Broccoli Greens and Being a Good Steward

My son planted a garden for me this spring.  So far, we have enjoyed red leaf lettuce and butter crisp lettuce from it.  I have also used the spearmint we’ve grown in a cucumber and pineapple dish that I love, and in iced tea.  Because my broccoli began flowering, I researched whether I should toss … More Broccoli Greens and Being a Good Steward

Ten Terrific Things This Tuesday

As I was looking through my WordPress reader, I noticed Tuesday was full of lists… tens, twenties, and twenty-fives of things.  In light of this, I have decided to post ten terrific things about this Tuesday. 1.  Spending the day with my granddaughter. 2.  Finishing a book I was reading. 3.  The support of friends. … More Ten Terrific Things This Tuesday

Kitchen Garden

My son set up a raised bed for me the other day. Since we have once again switched seasons (from spring back to winter), he is waiting to set out the plants until the chance of freezing temperatures is gone. It seems we have had crazier than usual weather this year… 79 degrees one day … More Kitchen Garden

Buyer, Beware

If you know Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss, you will understand the title of this blog post. My husband and I often catch clerks off guard because we are buyers, not shoppers. For example, we walk into the store, buy a laptop, leave, walk back into the store because we forgot to buy … More Buyer, Beware

This Cracked Me Up (Literally & Figuratively)

I’ve been working on a post that isn’t quite ready yet. So in the interest of keeping my daily posting commitment, I will tell you about something that happened this evening. Since we had no children at home tonight, my husband and I went out for dinner. It was Saturday night so the restaurant was … More This Cracked Me Up (Literally & Figuratively)


Just like every year since I can remember, I have spent the last few days of December reflecting on the year and thinking about the coming one.  But this year is a little different because I was hit with the reality that this year could very well have been my last. I lost my dad … More Hurdles