Bridge (Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge)

I’ve recently restrung my guitar and snapped these shots with my iPhone 5S. Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge, Week 2: Macro. I could not choose between these three shots. None of them were perfect, yet I liked different aspects of each one. Advertisements


Cookie’s Ride Home

The old girl’s ride home after her “Senior Check-up.” After an exhausting morning of bloodwork, other invasive testing (if you catch my drift), and getting her nails clipped, my pooch initially would not let me get in the driver’s seat. After I explained that she needed a driver’s license, she begrudgingly moved into the passenger’s … More Cookie’s Ride Home

Moving On

Today I said “buh-bye” to some more things that no longer serve me. I attended a Burning Bowl Ceremony at the spiritual center I attend. I was reminded once again that things I once cherished were the very things I needed to release. Letting go of the past allows me to step into a new … More Moving On


As I stare at the blinking cursor, Wondering what to say, My writer’s block is thick, And keeping thoughts at bay.   As void of thought in meditation, I wish that I  could be, But endless thoughts come crashing in, Blocking my serenity.

Pumpkin Patch (Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge)

Taken at a local pumkin farm with my iPhone 5S. Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge, Week 4: Challenger’s Choice – Still Life and Food Photography. This shot wasn’t as clear, as it was shot while on a hay ride, but I liked the subject matter. My son and I enjoyed a “caramel apple” (sliced Granny … More Pumpkin Patch (Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge)