Summer Solstice

Today’s Summer Solstice, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, will be a little longer for some.   Today my sister-in-law buried her oldest son.  What should have been a day to celebrate the beginning of summer, instead was a day of mourning. At the graveside service, the officiant quoted … More Summer Solstice

Bonding Experience

My youngest son is really into British culture, especially fashion. He has looked for a hat like this one for months. We found a similar one a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t what he really wanted and was a bit small. Since my grandfather’s passing earlier this week, my grandmother has been cleaning out … More Bonding Experience

Bent Time

I have been reading a book that explores, among other things, the concept of time.  Incidentally, I am also preparing to embark on a journey that I know will distort time.  My mother and I will be traveling to Colorado to attend her father’s memorial service. Something I have noticed is that death seems to … More Bent Time

Finding Dimes

I have to preface this post by saying that I had drafted a post prior that was about writing “fluff” for the sake of keeping my writing agreement.  I wasn’t judging myself, but I was committing to writing the posts that had been lurking in my head but I had not taken the time to … More Finding Dimes

Surrogate Son

As it turns out, my step-father was not able to attend visitation at the funeral home last night. The roads were treacherous due to snow and he was having difficulty breathing.  In fact, the symptoms of his COPD  were so bad that he didn’t attend his mother’s graveside service today either.  In fact, my sister and … More Surrogate Son

Dada’s Birthday

Today is the birthday of my oldest son, Joshua.  Those who are closest to him call him Dada (dah duh).  My daughter, Alex (18 months younger), couldn’t say Joshua, so she called him “Dah doo uh.” She eventually shortened it to Dada, which he has been called since then.   Dada is 24 today.  He … More Dada’s Birthday