#TBT: Growth and Healing

Resuming my writing habit has been an exercise in consistency. I write Morning Pages (750 words of brain drain) to clear my head. Then I draft marketing copy, newsletter content, and blog posts. In exploring possible topics and digging through my own past posts, I am reminded that this habit is also therapeutic.

To let you in my head for a moment (please disregard the clamoring committee), hoping to come up with a topic, I listed single word questions: Snow? Weather? Speaking? Manifestation? Tattoos? (I went with my son’s girlfriend to get a tattoo today. She did. Not me.)

Then I wished I had begun the publishing calendar that I had planned to start a week ago. This brought to mind the process I would use, part of which was superimposing various calendars so I could see the relevant events that would guide my writing throughout the year.

Then I mentally scaled down,  and remembered my own mobile photography on Monday and Wisdom Wednesday. I continued down this train of thought to the Social Media Days of the Week and Throwback Thursday in particular. Then my mind jumped to “roundup.”

Well, this is not a true roundup, but more of a ThrowBackThursday of my own past blog posts. I chose these three posts because they remind me how much I’ve grown and healed over the past three years. As I read them, I realized how grateful I am to be where I am today.

I will spare you lengthy introductions and simply guide you down my recent path…

Three years ago: The Dark Side

Two years ago: PTSD and Depression

One year ago: Keep Getting Up

Simple Things

Simple Things

I happened to pass these flowers today, and went back to capture them. I have always loved flowers and I now realize that they are everywhere… even in places I would not expect them. These were just outside the restaurant where I had dinner with my children tonight. I am grateful that I have learned to notice things around me that may seem inconsequential in the moment. These simple things make my life so much richer.

Just as a blade of grass…

Just as a blade of grass will push through a crack in the cement, growing toward the light, we too are being pulled toward a fuller expression of ourselves.
~Mary Morrissey

When I am discontent, I know I am being urged to expand myself.  If I seek light, the Universe pulls me toward my ideal self.  I am more than I ever dreamed I could be, and so are you.

Keeping My Word in a Taco Bell Parking Lot

It is after 11:00 PM.  I have had a very full day and just got out of a seminar.  In order to complete my writing agreement before midnight, I am sitting in a parking lot at a Taco Bell, composing this post on my phone.  I have 15 minutes to complete my agreement for the day and was struggling to come up with an idea for a quick post after a long day.  It then occurred to me that when I am determined to keep my word, I can find a way to do just about anything.  So I will complete this post and then drive home… After I have a taco or two.

Little Me

A relative sent me this picture of myself, taken well over forty years ago.  I had never seen it before, but I felt it really captured the essence of me.  I had the strange sensation that I was looking at somebody else… somebody that I knew very well… not exactly me.  The best part was that it made me smile and I realize that at nearly fifty, I actually like myself.  It was a long road, but I got there.  ScanImage010

Personal Growth Podcasts

Today’s post is a series of links to some new personal growth podcasts you may find valuable.  The first is an overview of the isa (Institute for Self Actualization) Experience, a weekend-long personal growth seminar that helped me change my life some 15 years ago.

What is the isa Experience?

The second is a little different way of thinking about forgiveness that makes a lot of sense.

The Practical Benefits of Forgiveness

The third helps explain why it is sometimes hard to follow through with what we say we are going to do, and how  we can take charge.

Who is Really in Charge?

The final podcast in this list distinguishes between our lower and higher selves, and how we can become the kind of person we want to be.

Human Animal vs. Human Being



Tutoring for a Teenager

My son needed to make up a half credit of Algebra II to complete his graduation requirements.  He attempted Credit Recovery (essentially, online summer school) for the same, with negative results.  This program leaves out one of the most important components of education, which is the aid of a human being who can diagnose problems and coach the student accordingly in real time.  

So I hired a tutor.  Incidentally, I used to tutor through an online tutoring company, so I did my search there.  As I searched for the right tutor, I found a woman I knew.  We had done some personal growth work together, so I knew her character and work ethic.  After I hired her, my son pointed out that she had been a teacher at his previous high school.  He had not been happy about getting a tutor, but knowing that this woman was going to be the one seemed to ease the discomfort for him.

Today was his first session.  It seemed so natural, as the tutor had been to our home in the past and she knew both my son and me.  She has a natural rapport with teenagers, maintaining a good balance between connecting with them as a fellow human being and maintaining authority in the situation.  

As she worked with my son, the tutor quickly spotted holes in his learning and set forth a plan of action to fill those holes and move forward.  I am so grateful for the twists and turns that brought us to this place.  My son (did I mention he was not happy about getting a tutor?) seemed very happy when she left.  He actually told me he liked her.  I am hoping this is going to facilitate his learning process. 


Twice today, I was reminded how relaxation can benefit me in so many ways.  The first time was when a support partner suggested a form of relaxation as a way to regain focus on a rather large goal.  The second time was when the facilitator of another group led the group in a relaxation exercise.  The purpose in this case was to “let go” of things that might be hindering us in keeping a daily agreement.

In both of these instances, I realized I have not been relaxing nearly enough.  I am committing now to focusing on relaxing at least once per day, and more often if I have things “come up” that need some calm and clarity.

On that note, it is nearly midnight and I need to go to bed.  Before I go to sleep, however, I will meditate to get myself in a relaxed state.  And I will monitor myself this week to be sure I am sticking to this commitment of relaxing daily.