Weeds and Wildflowers

While out walking the other day I captured more weeds and wildflowers (and a few critters photobombed the pics). I am finding my walks to be as much for my phoneography and emotional recovery as they are for my physical recovery.

A Walk in the Park

I took these photos while walking at our local greenway on Friday.  Click on the photos to read the captions.  (I had the thought to hang onto them for my phoneography on Mondays, then I thought better of it.)  It was a beautiful day to be out in nature.

Garden Companion

Garden Companion

When my husband and I were in the yard today, I found this little guy on one of our holly bushes (tree turned topiary, thanks to a few garden tools).  My 11-year-old would have nothing to do with the little creature, although he did go into the house and get my phone for me so I cold capture my little garden companion.  When I touched the snake, he turned around and looked right at me.  My husband informed me that when the snake went after me, he was going to laugh.  I was very scared since the snake’s head was smaller than the tip of my pinkie finger <sarcasm… just in case you didn’t catch it>.  I saw the critter an hour or so later, heading back to the bushes where I first saw him.  I am happy to know I have this symbol of renewal hanging out in my yard.

BIrd on a Wire

BIrd on a Wire I took this while walking in the park the other day. It was such a beautiful day. The sky was so blue. And this one bird was all alone, up on the wire. I am becoming an iPhoneography junkie, so I had to take the shot.

Signs of Spring (Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge)

Signs of Spring

Mauve helicopters in the hangar replace winter’s crystal buds.


Plants in the ground, plants in the ground,   lookin' like Spring with my plants in the ground.
Plants in the ground, plants in the ground,
lookin’ like Spring
with my plants in the ground.


Both photos taken with my iPhone 5S.  Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge.  Week 1: Nature.

Kitchen Garden

My son set up a raised bed for me the other day. Since we have once again switched seasons (from spring back to winter), he is waiting to set out the plants until the chance of freezing temperatures is gone. It seems we have had crazier than usual weather this year… 79 degrees one day and snow the next. Yesterday I went out in short sleeves during the day and a sweatshirt in the evening. Today I pulled out my winter coat again. (My garden may remain in my kitchen a bit longer.)

Kitchen Garden
Spearmint, Heirloom Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Rhubarb, Buttercrisp Lettuce, Red Lettuce, Flat Italian Parsley, and Broccoli… all awaiting their place in the sun.

Hoping Spring Has Finally Sprung

Although we have certainly had warmer days already this year, I heard something tonight that was music to my ears.  As my son and I got out of the car, I heard frogs singing from the nearby creek.  We stood outside and just listened for a few moments.  I am hoping spring has finally sprung.   


On this, the first day of Spring, I was thinking about renewal.  The skeletal trees begin to bud.  Tufts of green start to peek out of the once frozen ground.  I don’t know about you, but I sure could use some renewal… renewal of my mind, body, and spirit.  

Crystal Buds (Phoneography Challenge)

Taken with iPhone 5S on February 3, 2014 after rain and freezing temperatures.

On the first Monday of each month, the subject of the Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens is Nature.  This morning I took this photograph of the “crystal buds” on the tree just outside my house .