Violet Carpet (Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge)

Although it is a cloudy day, I know spring has sprung. My backyard is covered in violets today.

Violet Carpet 1

Both of these were taken with my iPhone 5S. Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge, Week 1: Nature.

Violet Carpet 2

A Walk in the Park

I took these photos while walking at our local greenway on Friday.  Click on the photos to read the captions.  (I had the thought to hang onto them for my phoneography on Mondays, then I thought better of it.)  It was a beautiful day to be out in nature.

Garden Companion

Garden Companion

When my husband and I were in the yard today, I found this little guy on one of our holly bushes (tree turned topiary, thanks to a few garden tools).  My 11-year-old would have nothing to do with the little creature, although he did go into the house and get my phone for me so I cold capture my little garden companion.  When I touched the snake, he turned around and looked right at me.  My husband informed me that when the snake went after me, he was going to laugh.  I was very scared since the snake’s head was smaller than the tip of my pinkie finger <sarcasm… just in case you didn’t catch it>.  I saw the critter an hour or so later, heading back to the bushes where I first saw him.  I am happy to know I have this symbol of renewal hanging out in my yard.

BIrd on a Wire

BIrd on a Wire I took this while walking in the park the other day. It was such a beautiful day. The sky was so blue. And this one bird was all alone, up on the wire. I am becoming an iPhoneography junkie, so I had to take the shot.

Friday Flowers

Friday Flowers

This was the first thing I saw when I got out my car today. I was going to save it for my iPhoneography post on Monday, but I decided to post it today. I can always take another picture.

Rites of Passage

Rite of Passage My son and his girlfriend, just before the prom.  I love this photo because they are on playground equipment, yet look so grown up.  My son will attend prom tonight.  Then he will finish high school and turn 18 later this month.  These rites of passage are somewhat bittersweet (as well as a relief), as my boy is becoming  man.

Holy Saturday

For many Christians, today is a quiet day of prayer and mourning prior to the joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  My prayer today is for wisdom gained from introspection, peace within, and joy in the morning.  Happy Easter!